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Custom Fabricated & Assembled Vertical Decoiler for the Ducting Machine Manufacturing Industry

At Fabri-Tech, we have a long history of building quality and reliability into everything we manufacture. We fabricated and assembled the vertical decoiler shown here for a customer in the machine building industry. Designed to level line steel plate in a duct manufacturing machine, precision and quality was of utmost importance to both the machine's performance and the ultimate accuracy of the duct work it would be used to produce.

Featuring steel construction with a blue powder coat finish, we built this equipment for long lasting durability. We fabricated the component parts using a variety of shearing, cutting, and machining processes. Our first-rate welding team joined the components with skill and precision, while our assembly professionals added the hardware and electro-mechanical components. Rigorous quality management included ongoing inspections to verify we maintained ± .030" tolerances, and we conducted full functional acceptance testing before readying the equipment for shipment.

This piece of equipment, which featured overall dimensions of 3-ft in length and 4-ft in width and height, needed to be shipped overseas. Maintaining compliance with international shipping regulations, we built the custom crating seen in the picture to keep the equipment secure and stable and guarantee safe delivery to the overseas location. If you have a similar project and are interested in more information, contact us today.

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Vertical Decoiler Project Highlights

Product Description
This product is used for sheet metal leveling. It is used for leveling line steel plate.
Equipment Fabrication Capabilities Applied/Processes
  • Shearing
  • Saw Cutting
  • Laser Cutting
  • Welding
  • Machining
Component Procurement – Fasteners/Hardware

Powder Coating
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part
Listed above
Overall Part Dimensions
3' x 4' x 4'
Tightest Tolerances
+/- .030"
Material Used
Material Finish
Powder Coated Blue
In process testing/inspection performed
Paint Coverage, Dimensional Inspection, Functionality Testing, Visual Inspection
Industry for Use
Ducting Machine Manufacturing
Delivery/Turnaround Time
7 weeks
Delivery Location
Elk Grove Village, IL
Standards Met
Customer Specifications, 2D CAD Drawing
Product Name
Vertical Decoiler
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