Precision Metal Forming

As a provider of precision metal fabrication services, at Fabri-Tech we are capable of a wide range of metal forming processes. We operate a number of versatile metal forming and rolling systems that round out our full service offerings. From design and engineering to packaging and shipping, we are a single source solution for metal fabrication.

Rolling and forming are essential metal fabrication processes and have allowed us to successfully serve multiple diverse industries, including agricultural and architectural. Our advanced facility is equipped with Buffalo Rolls that include a 5’ plate roll, as well as horizontal and vertical rolls. The capabilities of these systems are enhanced by special tooling which allows us to form angle, bar, channel, and I-beams.

Our forming capabilities are equally as impressive and include two 12’, 250 ton Accupresses, that accept European style tooling, and a third that is outfitted with an Autogauge C24 system. For larger work, we also operate 16’ 150 and 400-ton presses. These large scale capabilities are also able to achieve tolerances to ±.015” and can process sheet metal up to 192” in length. Our advanced, ISO certified metal forming and rolling services can be used for many diverse applications, including doors, drawers, steel panels, and subsystem enclosures.

We invite you to contact Fabri-Tech today to learn more about our precision metal forming and rolling capabilities, or to inquire after any of our additional services.

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General Capabilities Contract
Buffalo Rolls
  • 5′ Plate Roll
  • Horizontal Roll
  • Vertical Roll
  • Tooling
    available for Angle, Bar, Channel and I-Beam Rolling
  • (2) 12′ 250 Ton Accupress/Euro Tooled
  • (1) 12′- 250 Ton Accupress w/ Autogauge C24
  • (1) 16′- 150 Ton
  • (1) 16′- 400 Ton
Sheet Metal Products Aircraft Assemblies and Components
Building Products
Metal Parts
Steel Fabrication
Subsystem Enclosures
Fabrication Process Bending:
  • From 4′-150 Ton up to 16′-400 Ton
  • .5″ up to 12′
Production Volume Prototype to High Volume Production
Materials Aluminum
Carbon Steel
Stainless Steel
Coated Steel
Gauge Size 20 Gauge up to 1/2″ plate
Maximum Sheet Metal Width 192″
Maximum Sheet Metal Length 288″
Tolerance (+/-) ±0.015


Industry Focus
Construction Equipment
Dock Products
Equipment Manufacturing
Power Generation
Quality Standards ISO 9001: 2015
Value-Added Services Assembly
Reverse Engineering
File Formats SolidWorks (SLDPRT,SLDDRW,SLDDRT)
IGES files
Dxf files
Dwg files
ProE files

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